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A pleasure craft licence is a document with a unique licence number for a pleasure craft. The number allows Search and Rescue personnel to access important information in an emergency. The law...
Pleasure Craft Licensing
A RED CROSS REPORT ANALYZING BOATING DEATHS IN CANADA: This is a report compiled by the Red Cross in conjunction with Transport Canada. It has tracked and analyzed boating related deaths for the...
Boating Immersion and Trauma Deaths
Transport Canada's Safe Boating Guide. This guide is used to outline safe boating practices in Canada. All information covered in this manual forms the basis for the Pleasure Craft Operators...
Safe Boating Guide - TP 511 E (2011)
Links to: Proof of Competency, Take a Boating Safety Course, the PCOC, Choosing a PFD, Preparation Before You Sail, Speed And Alcohol on The Water, etc..
Transport Canada - Boating Safety

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