Ian Searle

Ian Searle Photo
Immediate Past - Commander

I became a member of the Edmonton Power Squadron in 2006 and joined the Bridge as assistant Training Officer (1 year) and the following year, became Training Officer (2 years). Became Commander in 2011.

How and/or why did you connect to CPS?  Interested in Boating safety and making new friends

Do you (or have you) own a boat? What type?  Co-own a boat with my brother - 18.5’ open bow-rider with I/O drive

Outline a brief description of your boating history (milestones, experience highlights, etc).  I have owned three different boats (including the current boat). First boat I had to rebuild from the inside out. Second boat I had to replace the head. Received my PCOC in 2001, completed Boating around 2007, Seamanship in 2008, Advanced piloting in 2010 and VHF in 2010.

Other comments (any other comments of interest that you might want other people to know).  This is a great organization DEDICATED TO Boating safety. If you chose to become involved, you will make many a friend and partake in many fun-filled events


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