Night Sailing Hazards

I recently read an article that tracked airline incidents and it made an interesting discovery. A significant number of aircraft incidents happened while the aircraft was taxiing in to the gate after the flight was completed. One of the main reasons the article cited was that the Pilots had considered the flight over as well and although they were still moving, many had let down their guard in anticipationn of wraping up the flight. In other words, they were mentally already in their car and half way home even though they hadn't finished the flight yet. 

Interesting as it was, it reminded me of a situation that happened on our night sail while doing the intermediate sailing course. We had planned a 2 1/2 hour sail through the gulf islands just inside of Vancouver Island. It was a beautifil night and everything had gone exactly as planned. As we approachedthe bay that we had planned to snuggle in for the night. 



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