Lake Watch

What is the Program?


Alberta’s volunteer lake monitoring program, known as Lakewatch, has been an important source of water quality data for lake & watershed stewardship groups, local government, provincial government, lake users, and cottage owners. Lakewatch strives to accomplish four primary objectives:

  1. Act as a platform for educating lake users about the aquatic environment;
  2. Foster and enhance public involvement in lake management;
  3. Facilitate linkages between aquatic scientists and lake users; and,
  4. Provide reliable water quality data at significant cost-savings.

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) has ensured that the data you collect is reliable through:

  1. a partnership with Alberta Environment to train summer staff;
  2. routine preparation, calibration, cleaning, and servicing of equipment;
  3. incorporating Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) into sampling protocol; and,
  4. data verification and validation by technical experts.


Lakewatch data has been recently used to describe the aquatic environment by the Cold Lake Beaver River Water Management Plan, Lac La Nonne and Moose Lake State of Watershed reporting, the Pine Lake Restoration Program, and Alberta Environment lake trend assessments. ALMS strives to make Lakewatch a fun and rewarding experience because we recognize our volunteers’ time is valuable.



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