Boating Course

How safe are you on the water? Every year many Canadians lose their lives on the water due to a lack of knowledge, preparation or regard for their safety for themselves or their passengers. Ask yourself the following questions;

Do you know who has the right of way on the water? What are the responsibilities of the Skipper? What equipment do I have to have on my boat? What are bouys used for, how are they marked and what do they mean? What licensing and registration requirements do boats have? How do I properly anchor my boat? How can I make the most out of nautical navigation charts?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more in our basic Boating Course. the course consists of approcimately 30 hours of classroom time and will give you all the tools to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable summer on the water. You will also recieve a certified Pleasure craft Operators Certificate (PCOC) to ensure that you comply with Transport Canada's regulations. 

Keep your family and friends summer fun and safe by making sure that you are properly trained.



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